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System: Manual, Motorized
Max Expansion: 4m
Dimensions: 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 6x4
Recyclable: 98%
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Don't let your moments be spoiled even in the hottest time of summer with movable lamellas. The slats can be opened up to a maximum of 115 degrees, allowing daylight to filter in at any angle and adding movement to your living spaces with shadow play. Create your ideal climate with fresh air circulation through the gaps and enjoy every moment of the year with Huun Ecoclimatic.

Economical, Ecological & Functional

Collect beautiful moments with your loved ones in your modern outdoor spaces designed with the elegance of minimalist architecture. Produced with aluminum, a 98% recyclable material, Huun Ecoclimatic minimizes the damage to the environment. Improve your quality of life with movable slats that offer natural circulation.

Strengthened Connection

Thanks to the improved fittings, the structure becomes increasingly stable, which increases the durability and performance of the design.

Color quality

By working with TIGER Coatings, you can experience a pergola where aluminum is painted with a longer life and a touch of German quality!

Practical Lamellar Connection

Reduce the time to complete your product by 30% thanks to the intelligent connection system of the slats, get to know a quick and practical product!

Water Discharge Detail

Our system not only prevents water leaks, but also saves you time because it is easy to remove and install. Plus, dust and mud are easily removed, giving you clean and trouble-free performance at all times.