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Material: Aluminium, Fabric
Max Expansion: 9000m
Recyclable: 98%
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HUUN PERGOLA systems bring functionality and style to outdoor spaces, making them a fantastic option when you want to protect an outdoor area from rain, wind and heat all year round. Retractable pergolas can be easily integrated into any outdoor space, making them perfect for commercial, residential applications. The highest comfort is ensured by a perfect automation system that can be remotely controlled, and a range of accessories that will enhance the pergola’s use experience, in any part of the day. Retractable awnings have become the most effective and convenient type of awning in use. As the name suggests, they can be retracted and extended whenever you require, thus you can protect it against harsh weather. The system works with special stretcher and transmission system and it is very suitable for outdoor areas. Thanks to qualified fabric, provides energy saving besides shading sun. With internal LED illumination, gives stylish appeal and comfort to users. With remote control, the system would open and close within seconds with minimum effort. System also fully adaptable to home automation systems and offers great flexibility with high secure wireless technology. For residential applications, perfect way to increase the curb appeal of your building and provide you a relaxed outdoor atmosphere It helps to save you money by making your home more energy-efficient. For commercial applications while increasing outdoor usage area, helps owners to welcome more guests and feel them more comfortable and enjoy with their meals. This feature, retractable pergola is not the choice, it is essential product.

Strong Ground Connection

Establish a sturdy ground connection with a robust leg attachment.

Versatile Wall Connection for Every Structure

Ensures a sturdy wall connection with robust and modular metal components.

Aesthetic Appearance

Screws are concealed at gutter and rail ends for an aesthetic finish. Special strap connection ensures long-lasting and reliable usage.

2 Rails
3 Rails
4 Rails
Min Max
X 2000mm 4000mm
Y 2000mm 10000mm
Z Thick rail is used when the opening size is more than 5000mm, thin rail is used when it is less than 5000mm
Max m²
20 m²
Min Max
X 3500mm 7000mm
Y 2000mm 10000mm
Z Thick rail is used when the opening size is more than 5000mm, thin rail is used when it is less than 5000mm
Max m²
35 m²
Min Max
X 6500mm 9000mm
Y 2000mm 9000mm
Z Thick rail is used when the opening size is more than 5000mm, thin rail is used when it is less than 5000mm
Max m²
54 m²


A retractable pergola is a versatile outdoor structure that features a retractable canopy or roof, allowing for adjustable shade and protection from the elements. It can be extended or retracted as needed to suit changing weather conditions or personal preferences.

Retractable pergolas are typically made of durable materials such as aluminum for the frame and a variety of fabrics for the retractable canopy. Aluminum is chosen for its lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties, while fabrics like polyester or acrylic offer flexibility and weather resistance.

Retractable pergolas offer several advantages, including customizable shade and protection from sun, rain, and UV rays. They provide versatility in outdoor living spaces, allowing users to enjoy open-air settings or sheltered areas depending on the weather or time of day.

Maintenance for retractable pergolas is generally straightforward. Regular cleaning of the frame and canopy fabric, along with lubrication of moving parts, is recommended to ensure smooth operation and longevity. Fabric canopies may need occasional replacement due to wear and tear over time.

Retractable pergolas are typically installed by professionals who specialize in outdoor structure construction. Installation involves securely anchoring the frame to a suitable foundation and mounting the retractable canopy system according to manufacturer specifications. The process may vary depending on the specific design and location.