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Material: Aluminium
Max Expansion: No Limit
Recyclable: 98%
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HUUN Veranda's solution has made it possible to considerably expand the living spaces to make the most of the outdoor area of the terrace at any time of the year. A HUUN Veranda is the ideal way to extend your living space with more light, more freedom, and more joy in living. There are a variety of possible uses and designs for your dream Wintergarden.

Experience the unique HUUN standard of quality for yourself and create your paradise of well-being with a HUUN Veranda.

The veranda offers panoramic sky views and makes it easy to combine other HUUN facade solutions like Panorama, Sliding, and fabrıc systems. Moreover, its perfectly balanced geometry and defined lines give the entire house a modern sense of harmony and tranquility. Alongside the stylish aesthetics, the HUUN Veranda is an excellent illustration of HUUN's renowned design innovation. It has clever features like invisible fixings, water drainage pipes integrated within the posts, adjustable roof pitches, optimized aluminum reinforcement, and cable-free LED lighting solutions in the rafters.

HUUN Veranda fits into any architectural context, protecting the area from rain, wind, and cold. It also provides long-term protection for building structures, increasing the value and quality of the property. With various combination possibilities, you may easily choose the best matching layout for your place. A strong aluminum body and glasses provide a neat look to the building. The system is fully durable against high wind loads as well.

HUUN Veranda is a revolutionary system that transforms the space into a peaceful island you will enjoy all year round. Feel nature without any boundaries and spend time in perfect peace.

With HUUN modular verandas, you can develop your porches as soon as possible; installing shade awning, lighting, fixing glass, panorama, or sliding doors is possible. Is ability means that you needn’t do it all at once, allowing you to develop your outdoor space however required or desired? In winter, homeowners do not have to give it up, even if a layer of snow covers the environment.

A part of the garden may be turned into a hothouse that will also become an extra usable area of the house. Whether extending your living space or adding a transparent room,

HUUN Veranda adds the perfect finishing touch to your home. You will gain a new favorite space, a place to indulge in maximum light and air transparency. A Wintergarden is more than just additional living space – it brings an increased sense of living comfort. There are countless good reasons for extending your house with a HUUN Veranda…

Concealed Leg Connection

Effortless ground attachment that’s easy to apply.

Aesthetic Wall Connection

Easy-to-apply wall attachment. Simple finishing details.

Adjustable Cover

Featuring a design that allows for adjustment based on glass thickness. Special joint details provide sturdy and adjustable connections. Offers options for both glass and polycarbonate materials.

Complete Waterproofing

Achieve top-tier waterproofing with a specially designed water drainage system and double-row sealing gasket inside the gutter. Offers a sleek appearance with side cover detail.

Min Max
X 2000mm 12060mm
Y 1000mm 5000mm
Max m²
60 m²

The minimum slope should be seven percent

Min Max
X 2000mm 6000mm
Y 1000mm 4000mm
Max m²
24 m²

The minimum slope should be seven percent


A veranda with a glass roof is a structure enclosed with glass panels designed to extend living spaces and provide protection from the elements. Typically located beside or at the back of a house, it offers a versatile area usable throughout the year.

Verandas with glass roofs are typically constructed using durable and transparent glass panels supported by an aluminum or steel framework. Additionally, frames are often made of stainless steel or aluminum for longevity and corrosion resistance.

Verandas with glass roofs provide an extension of indoor living spaces into the outdoors while offering protection from weather elements. They allow ample natural light, create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, and enhance the aesthetics of the property.

Maintenance for verandas with glass roofs is generally straightforward. Regular cleaning of glass panels and occasional checks on the framework are typically all that's needed. Materials like aluminum and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity.

Installation of verandas with glass roofs is usually performed by professional teams. The process may vary depending on the size and design preferences. However, it typically involves erecting the framework and fitting the glass panels according to manufacturer specifications, ensuring a secure and weather-resistant structure.