Our Sustainability

We are an organization with a vision to support a sustainable future. We have a responsibility to create a better world for future generations and we constantly strive to realize this goal.

Production Process From Which the Products Arise Type of Aggregated Good or Precursor CN Codes CN Name
7604 29 90 Aluminium products 76042990 Solid profiles, of aluminium alloys, n.e.s.
Product Name SEE (direct) SEE (indirect) SEE (total) Unit
Huun_Product_7604_29_90 1,293 76042990 2,877 tCO2e/t
% Pre-consumer Scrap T Scrap per T Aluminium % Non-aluminium Elements
0,00% 30,00% 1,33%


HUUN is committed to a business model centered on environmental sustainability. We are committed to operating in harmony with nature, consciously managing resources and without harming the environment.


Sustainable Products

We prioritize the use of eco-friendly and renewable materials in the creation of our products. From packaging to the core components, we carefully select materials that have minimal environmental impact, ensuring that our products are as sustainable as possible.